Shown in Aged Limestone (AL). Actual finishes of in-stock items may differ than the one shown. Additional Patina Colors are available for special order.

Dimensions: 26.5" Diam. x 24"H
Base: 14.25" Sq.
Weight: 177 lbs.
Approx. Soil Capacity: 1.5 cu ft.
Planting Dimensions: 20.5" Diam. Top, 15"H

Material: Cast Stone (water, sand, stone aggregate and cement)
Care & Maintenance/Outdoor Planting Instructions:
Our cast stone planters are equipped with pre-installed drainage holes to allow for drainage. The drain holes must be kept clear to maintain the longevity of your planter, especially in climates that undergo freeze thaw cycles in the winter.

Whenever possible, we recommend raising the planter off of the ground by placing two (2) pressure treated wood strips underneath the planter, to prevent the planter from freezing to the surface below; Covering the drain holes with a mesh screen or equivalent to keep debris from clogging the openings;
Filling the planter with a well-draining soil mix that will not retain water; and covering the soil with decorative mulch or pine bark to the top rim of the planter to discourage water from pooling on the surface.
Keep finish "like new" by spraying with a matte finish clear coat rated for outdoors before planting.  Finish will naturally and gently soften if untreated.

Price: $402.99
$402.99/ EA
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