Shown in Brownstone (BR). Actual finishes of in-stock items may differ than the one shown. Additional Patina Colors are available for special order.

Dimensions: 5.5"L x 5.5"W x 13"H
Base: 5.5" Sq.
Weight: 16 lbs.

Material: Cast Stone (water, sand, stone aggregate and cement)

Statuary Care & Maintenance

Proper maintenance is recommended to protect our product from the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in winter. Any piece which can hold water, snow or ice, such as a planter, birdbath/fountain top or shell, and any piece which is placed directly on the ground surface, such as a statue, birdbath/fountain base, planter, bench, or table, can be damaged by the winter freeze-thaw cycle.

Proper care for all cast stone statuary should include the following important tips:
- The statuary should be set up on a flat, level surface to ensure evenly dispersed pressure.
- If desired, the statuary may be cleaned with mild soap and a soft bristle brush. DO NOT use bleach as this may affect the patina.
- To maintain the finish, we recommend spraying with a clear acrylic spray rated for outdoor use once a year.

Always follow general winter care for statuary as outlined below to extend the life of your statuary:
- If a statuary is to be left outside over the winter, it should be raised up off the ground by placing two (2) pressure treated wood strips underneath the bottom on each end of the statuary.
- Statuary must be covered with an appropriate cover, not a tarp or any other type of plastic.
- Covers should be checked weekly or after stormy weather or heavy snowfall because they can shift, exposing the cast stone to damaging moisture.

Statuary, fountains, benches, and birdbaths do not come with a manufacturer's warranty.

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