Our Rustic Farmhouse brand is on-trend and incorporates popular materials like weathered wood and galvanized roof. Butterfly house is constructed of wood and is assembled with screws, not nails. This shelter is designed to simulate the natural and existing conditions in which butterflies hibernate. Ideally the shelter should be mounted 3 ft to 4 ft. off the ground on a pole or post. Place the shelter in an area around trees, flowers or garden, preferably in the shade. Ready to mount.

- Environmentally conscious way to help the declining butterfly population.

- Ideally mounted 3.5 to 4ft off the ground in the shade.
Dimensions: 6.5"L x 8.5"W x 8.5"H

Material: Wood & Metal

Birdhouse Care & Maintenance (Applies to Butterfly House)

Proper care for all wood birdhouse should include the following important tips:
- Keep birdhouse free of debris or standing water to ensure proper bird care.
- Periodic cleaning of the birdhouse will maintain its appearance and cleanliness.
- Most birdhouses have a door for cleaning out after hatchlings have left the nest for the year.
- Birdhouses must be completely emptied and cleaned when applicable.
- If desired, the birdhouse may be cleaned with mild soap and a soft bristle brush.

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